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  • 6 Weeks to completely RE-WIRE your brain to LOVE fitness
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  • SMALL group of Mums - Not thousands like so many programs! (therefore spaces ARE LIMITED!)
  • Exercise YOU will LOVE - Huge variety of options!
  • Fitness mindset - to really make fitness a LONG TERM HABIT
  • Support from me - Qualified Personal Trainer and Mum!
  • Workout Videos AND Actionable Motivation Videos Weekly

"I decided to do this course because I hoped it would be the missing piece of the exercise puzzle for me…and it was!" 

Carrie-Anne, Mum of 3
Feedback on DAY 1 of TUFMum4Life Feb 2018
TUF Mums Mindset 
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Emily Smith is a qualified Personal Trainer and Mum who has worked with Mums all over the world to empower their FITNESS MINDSET.
Emily Smith
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